Live Radio Traffic: KCUB CTAF & Columbia Approach Control (KCAE) ATCT

Listen live radio traffic from the KCUB (Hamilton-Owens) Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) via LiveATC by clicking here or by streaming the audio directly using our embedded media player:

  • KCUB CTAF/UNICOM - 123.075 MHz
  • KCUB WX ASOS - 118.675 MHz  (803-929-0665)

Listen to live radio traffic from Columbia Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) Frequencies by clicking here or clicking the tower picture below.

  • KCAE Columbia Approach - 133.400 MHz
  • KCAE Columbia Departure - 133.400 MHz
  • KCAE Clearance Delivery - 124.400 MHz
  • KCAE WX ASOS (6 nm W) - 120.15 MHz  (803-822-4168)

Columbia Tower, CAE

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