Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP)

Most public use airports are heavily dependent upon the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program (AIP) to cover the costs associated with ongoing airport capital development.  These development grants are issued annually in the form of “Entitlement” or “Discretionary” funds and typically cover 90% of the cost of Capital Improvement Projects.  The remaining 10% is usually split between the State (South Carolina Aeronautics Commission) and the Airport Sponsor (Richland County).  Projects enhance the safety or efficiency of the airport for the benefit of the flying public.

Topping over $3 Billion annually Nationwide, the AIP is a huge program which requires detailed programming and planning in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.  One means by which this is achieved is through the annual update and submission of the individual Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP).  This plan, which covers a minimum five-year period, addresses capital planning, design, environmental, land acquisition, equipment purchase, and construction projects.  The current ACIP for CUB is shown below.


  Click here to view a full version of the Jim Hamilton - LB Owens Airport Capital Improvement Plan.